The children Play

How can it be that i can see, so much in front of me…? And how can I be unable to reflect so little of what it within? The playground lays before me, children play, yell, run. With smiles and

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10 facts about infidelity

Who we are and why we struggle with love, sexuality, romance, and the hard work of marriage, bonding. The last few points are particularly insightful and maybe troubling. As a pastor, and acquainted with many who have struggled with divorce

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Five things they should have told me before I was ordained. No, Six.

Originally posted on Just Off the Map:
I may not be the sharpest pin in the box, or maybe I was sitting behind the door when the instructions were handed out but, in any case, I seemed to have missed…

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Silence speaks at the end of a beginning.

Late again and still my discipline dies, at least resigns in yet another defeat. I should be in bed reading or sleeping. I should be writing or happily sleeping. I should be hungry and losing weight, gaining will power to

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Silenced by fear

In the absence my explanation is I am just too busy. I have yearned to write. I miss it. But it is work and the rough places are truths that stare me down I trust it will come yet I

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The Generous Stallion

The Generous Stallion.   Learning the gracious life we enjoy, is deepened as we share it…and risk it for those animals of passion in the wild, and within!   thanks Mike.  and of course thanks Bill.  

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The team goes down

It could be any team. But it is the one you love. Why? Geography or player? Still it makes no sense why it calls forth that emotion from within. There must be something else? Have you put your faith in

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Mother’s Day review and father’s too.

It is past now. The celebration of maternal grace and goodness that often is most profound in a mother’s life and love for “her” children. But alas hear again of the pain for some that cannot be shared on or

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Privilege to be Pastor

You often hear more than you want to know. But you know what you hear is truth, hard. You hear the deeper cries for “how” or “how much more?” For some, it is cathartic, healing, sharing burdens and blessings. For

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What Dusti Saw

What Dusti Saw.   A remembrance of a woman of faith, living hope, and inspiring love.  How she influenced so many and guided the youth of a church, the young of many churches to know the grace of God living

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